The winner of the prestigious Viking Trophy 2011/2012

Frico is represented by distributors in 80 countries. Only one of our successful distributors can receive our prestigious prize, the Viking Trophy.

This award, established since 1995, is aimed to the distributor who has accomplished the following criterias.

Criterias for winning

  • Strong focus on prescribing Frico products
  • Well functioning distributor net
  • Growth in all product groups  
  • Impressive sales increase
  • Full and true commitment selling Frico

Photo: The Viking Trophy

The winner: Dipet Servcom SRL, Romania

Additional five Excellent Distributors were awarded:

  • Tormax A/S, Denmark 
  • Systemair Fans & Spares Ltd, UK
  • Systemair Hellas S.A, Greece 
  • Nimal Group, Russia  
  • Systemair Middle East, UAE

Previous Viking Trophy winners

2011 Avon Electric, New Zealand
2010 D Engels, Belgium
2009 Chemcolor, Croatia
2008 ABM, Spain
  Climaven, Spain.
Elita, Russia.
Fawaz Group, Saudi.
  GAIN, South Korea.
Hedtec, Finland
VON, Slovenia

2007 Elita, Russia
2006 Nimal, Russia
2005 ATC, Ireland
2004 Equimont, Portugal
2003 GAIN, South Korea
2002 Hedtec, Finland
2001 NimalRussia
2000 Altinöz Turkey
1999 Ramaks Sia. Latvia
1998 Inrost, Russia
1997 De Tree B.V. Holland 
1996 FOKO Company Ltd, Poland
1995 Ecomatic Ltd, Estonia