EcoDesign Regulation 2015/1188

Many of our products are affected by the Ecodesign Regulation (EU) 2015/1188, which aims to reduce the energy consumption for local space heaters (water heated units excluded). Read more about how our range is affected.

Not for all application areas
Ecodesign Regulation (EU) 2015/1188 concerning local space heaters does not apply to all application areas. The Regulation applies when an installation is intended to provide thermal comfort for people in the premises. The Regulation does not apply to heating installations of a more technical nature e.g. in engineering/utility rooms, in production processes, frost protection, etc. The Regulation also does not apply to installations in vehicles, offshore or outdoors.

Ecodesign Regulation or not?
Many of Frico’s products can be used as both local space heaters (as defined in (EU) 2015/1188) and for technical heating purposes. It is up to the installer responsible for the installation to assess whether the Ecodesign Regulation is applicable or not. Control solutions for installations not covered by the Ecodesign Regulation are listed in a separate table. 

Why Ecodesign?
There is world-wide demand for more efficient products to reduce energy and resource consumption. The EU legislation on Ecodesign and energy labelling is an effective tool for improving the energy efficiency of products. It helps eliminate the least performing products from the market, significantly contributing to the EU’s 2020 energy efficiency objective. It also supports industrial competitiveness and innovation by promoting the better environmental performance of products throughout the Internal Market."