Eurovent meeting at Frico Head office in Sweden

The aim of the Eurovent project was to harmonize and promote the air curtain industry in Europe. After many meetings the work on concluding the first edition of Eurovent Recommendations on air curtains was finalized in June at Fricos headoffice in Sweden.

The Eurovent special project group has participants from 12 different companies in the air curtain industry from six different countries in Europe. The project members have had an intensive period last 1,5 year and in March 2016 the first edition of Eurovent air curtain guidebook was released, providing information on air curtains and how they should be used:

Plans are that by end of September 2016 the project continues by presenting Eurovent Recommendations for air curtains at for the Eurovent Summit. The Recommendations will provide an accepted modeling methodology measuring the shield efficiency and subsequently the energy effectiveness of air curtains. By using the Frico test-lab at Frico Head office the group discussed the final parameters of the publication. Having Frico as host for the final meeting came natural since Frico was the initiator forming the special project group for air curtains at Eurovent.

Publishing Eurovent Guidelines and subsequently Eurovent Recommendations is the start of accelerating the promotion of the air curtain industry in Europe. “Using air curtains does not only save energy, it also improves comfort and indoor air quality which provides better health aspects”, says Ola Wallander, Chairman of the special project group for air curtains at Eurovent. “Together the air curtain producers can bring out this message to investors, builders, legislators and other stakeholders”, he continues. The aim is to bring the result of the project into directives and legislations like the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

Note; members of the air curtain special project group at Eurovent; 2VV, Biddle, Dimplex, Etelab, Frico, Kampmann, LSA, Olefini, Teddington, Tekadoor, Thermoscreens, and TTL