Now easier to compare sound levels of air curtains – Frico in the front line

Frico is one of the initiators for a group within Eurovent with a focus on air curtains. The aim is to develop new guidelines.

An important part of this is to define common methods of measuring to make it possible for customers to compare products with each other. The group has participants from twelve different companies.

Previously, the usual way to present sound levels was as the sound pressure level, a value that is dependent on the characteristics of the room and the distance from the product. Some manufacturers, such as Frico, clearly stated the conditions that the sound levels were given for, while other manufacturers used measurements taken in unrealistic circumstances and so have been able to claim lower sound levels than were actually the case.

From July 2017, all participants will present the sound power levels (in accordance with ISO 27327-2) of their products. The sound power is an objective value and unaffected by the characteristics in the room. This makes it easier for customers to compare different products with each other, which Frico has long wished for and supported. The value is higher than the sound pressure level, partially due to being based on a logarithmic scale that differs from the one used for sound pressure.

From 1 July 2017 both the sound power and the sound pressure levels for all air curtains will be presented in Frico's documentation.

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