Comfort for free!

In a room heated by radiant heaters, you can obtain a perceived temperature of 22 °C, but only pay for a temperature of 20 °C. With radiant heating the comfort comes free!

Radiant heat is the most effective way to heat because it is people and surfaces that need to be heated, not the air.

The important indoor environment

We spend more than 90% of our lives indoors, in our homes and at our workplaces . A good indoor environment significantly enhances wellbeing and performance. For example, sensitivity and fine motor skills in fingers are reduced at 20 degrees, and at 16 degrees, it becomes difficult to write.

Good thermal comfort means that you are neither cold nor uncomfortably hot. When it comes to what a person perceives as pleasant, it is important not to get hung up on what the thermometer indicates. The air temperature is part of the thermal comfort, but our perception is also due to the radiation exchange with the surrounding surfaces and whether the air is moving. In a normal room we are affected as much by the air temperature as by the radiation exchange. Both these factors make up what is called the operative temperature and it is a much better way of measuring comfort than just by looking at the thermometer. How we are dressed and our levels of activity also affect how we experience the indoor environment. Furthermore, people are different and what we perceive as comfortable varies considerably. According to studies, the proportion of dissatisfied people is never less than 5 %. 

Radiant heaters gives heat where it’s needed

A radiant heater heats both the surfaces and the people in the room. The surfaces then, in turn, heat the air. The colder a surrounding surface is, the more heat energy it will "suck" in. Windows and other cold surfaces therefore receive a greater proportion of the heat. Heat ends up where it is needed most. The temperature differences in the room and on different surfaces always attempt to equalise themselves and the temperature distribution between the ceiling and the floor becomes extremely even. Radiant heat is the most effective way to heat because it is people and surfaces that need to be heated, not the air.

Lower air temperature does not necessarily mean being colder

If the temperature of the surfaces is increased, the air temperature can be lowered accordingly, by the same operative temperature, because the human body will then lose less heat to the surroundings. With radiant heaters, you can reduce the air temperature by a few degrees, but maintain the same thermal comfort. Since a 1 °C lower air temperature gives about 5 % lower energy consumption, substantial savings can be made!

Comfort for every need

The perception of what is comfortable differs between different people and depends on clothing and activity level. Radiant heating is the only technology that makes it possible to vary the operative temperature, as needs differ. Radiant heaters can be used to heat the entire premises, part of the premises or an isolated workplace. For example, extra heat might be required at office locations in a cold warehouse or at a reception desk.

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