A warm room with a view

Open plan, high ceilings and large windows with a view. These are properties that many look for both in general premises and in their own living rooms. Words such as modern, spacious and open are in fashion among today's architects.

The result is bright, stylish premises, yet the indoor temperature can be a little so-so. Installations from Frico can keep out the cold at the same time as you can benefit from the positive effects of many windows.

One reason why it starts to feel cold and damp indoors is the cold draught from windows. Cold draught is exactly as the expression describes an influx of cold. When the pane of glass becomes cold the surrounding air is also chilled and falls to the floor. The colder the glass and the higher up the glass is installed, the stronger the cold draught. As cold air is heavier than warm air, a cold draught is created along the floor. Once your feet become cold, your whole body starts to feel frozen.

In large public premises with a great number of windows it can feel extra cold and chilly at times during the winter months. And often it can feel colder than it really is. Heat always moves from hot to cold and if you stand close to a cold window heat flows from your body towards the glass to balance the temperature difference. So the reason why you feel cold is not because the window is cooling you down, but you are heating the window. Consequently, the temperature shown by a thermometer can be right, yet the perceived temperature can be much lower, which is why the room is considered to be uncomfortable.

Floor heating in the ceiling
One way to overcome the problem of cold draughts is to install floor heating. This works fine in a home environment, even if it can be expensive and difficult to install. However, in large public facilities or at the workplace it is not an option.

At Frico we usually say we make floor heating for the ceiling. In some ways this is actually true. Our radiant heaters are installed in the ceiling or above a window and emit radiant heat. The radiant heat does not start to heat anything until it makes contact with a surface, in this case the floor. This means the floor becomes warm and heats the room from below without creating cold draughts. Our solutions give the perfect answer to everything from large factory warehouses to small offices. In this way you can create a pleasant indoor temperature and enjoy the daylight at the same time as the cold is kept outdoors.