Choose the right radiant heater

At Frico we are proud of our wide range of radiant heaters for outdoor environment. Long life, high quality and helpful accessories leads to products that fit almost anywhere. But which radiant heater fits the best? We explain the concepts.

First of all you need to look at where the radiant heater should be placed. If it’s very exposed, you need a radiant heater with high effect to give you a comfortable temperature. You also need to consider at what height the heaters will be installed. If they are placed high up, you also need more effect and the heat distribution should be focused so that it feels all the way down to the seats. For really high installations, we recommend our heater IHF which has a high filament temperature (2200 °C) and provides a direct heat distribution that reaches far.

Shall the radiant heaters however be placed at low height, it will feel uncomfortable with a radiant heater that is too focused, in that case you should choose a radiant heater with wide spread, for example IHW. On Lower heights a wider heat distribution is preferred as it will feel more comfortable. Halogeninfra IHW with the wide heat distribution or carbon infrared IHC with softer heat are good choices. In more sheltered outdoor environments, comfort infrared CIR also works fine.

Right effect
Frico radiant heaters are available in effects from 500 W to 2000 W. Which one you choose depends on how sheltered the area you want to warm up is. A dimensioning at 600 - 800 W / m² increases the perceived temperature by about 10 ° C. If you have a more sheltered area the power demand is lower. In a conservatory the power requirements can get as low as 250 W / m², depending on the insulation. Comfort CIR is a good choice here as well as carbon infra IHC which heat is perceived softer in indoor environment. For more exposed areas the IHF is a better option. Especially if they also are installed higher up.

Which design the radiant heaters should have s is a matter of taste. We recommend our IH-heater for environments where they have high demands on design. But a small heater like CIR can be good for other positions thanks to its discreet design.  Which light the radiant heater emits is of course also a factor. IHW and IHF emit a faint red glow while IHC gives an orange light. CIR produces no direct glow at all and is very discreet.