Still standing after many hard rounds

Sometimes you need a real tough one who dares to take a nasty blow. Even when it comes to heating, toughness is sometimes needed. Frico offers a wide range of fan heaters built for harsh and challenging environments. Pick your fighter!

Tough environment # 1 Corrosive and damp environments
Problem: Water and humidity cause metal to rust, chemicals to degrade and erodes materials. Corrosion increases when combined with salts and other chemicals. This can jeopardize both functionality and safety.

Solution: Products manufactured from materials which can withstand these harsh conditions. Sensitive parts of the product are protected with a high protection class, for example under a terminal box cover.

Elektra C – Electrically heated: outer casing manufactured from acid-resistant sheet steel. IP65.

SWX CS – Water heated: casing and water coil manufactured from acid-resistant stainless steel, IP65

SWX CE – Water heated: casing manufactured from acid-resistant stainless steel with epoxy coated water coil, IP65


Tough environment #2 Ships and offshore
Problem: Vibration on board ships and offshore platforms often cause devices and equipment to malfunction.

Solution:Extremely robust products designed to withstand vibration.  This can be solved with enhanced or flexible mounting. The choice of material is often important as well as requiring a higher protection class.


Elektra V - Electrically heated, casing in stainless steel, approved by Det Norske Veritas, IP44


Tough environment #3 High temperatures

Problem:High temperatures can damage the product.

Solution:All components must be able to withstand high temperatures, such as motor windings, terminal blocks and switches. These products are often required in environments where there is a need for a higher protection class.


Elektra H - Electrically heated, casing in stainless steel, up to +70 °C. IP44.

SWX H – Water heated, casing in stainless steel, up to +70 °C. IP44.

Tough environment #4 Dusty and/or combustible environments
Problem:Penetrating dust can cause malfunction or compromise safety.

Solution: Products with a very high protection class (minimum IP5X) are required in order to prevent dust penetration. Important parts which are not encapsulated must also be clogging resistant and dust must be prevented from accumulating in corners where it may ignite. To avoid electrical fires heating products should have low temperature elements. The choice of material is also very important in these environments.


Elektra F - Electrically heated, casing in stainless steel, low element temperature, IP65

SWX D – Water heated, casing manufactured from acid resistant stainless steel with fin gap which minimizes the risk of dust and particles blocking the coil, IP65.

Tough environment #5 Potential explosive environments
Problem: Very high demands are required in order to develop products used in environments where there may be risk of explosion.

Solution: Products that meet the ATEX directives. The products should be controlled by an independent accredited certification institute.


SWX EX – Water heated, casing in stainless steel, which meets the requirements of the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC in the EU/EFTA. IP44.

We recommend installing the ICFX industrial ceiling fan which is specifically designed for demanding environments. Ceiling fans force down overheated air from the ceiling to the occupied zone and in this way save energy and increase heating comfort.

Both tough and energy-smart!