A lot to save with air curtains in cold rooms

Many things in our modern society are dependent on cold storage. Food and medicine are some examples. Thick insulated walls and doors are needed to keep the cold in place. But to transport goods in and out, doors need to be opened and closed.

Each time the door opens cold air runs out the opening and in comes warm humid air from the outside. This creates both energy loss, condensation and icing build-up on floors and equipment.

With an air curtain placed in the opening you can stop the air infiltration from outside and the advantages with air curtains are many.

Better visibility and safety
With an air curtain in the opening, there is nothing to hinder an unobstructed view into the cold room. Condensation that can be formed by temperature differences are also reduced. Because the infiltration of warm air is reduced it creates less ice inside the cold room, with the result that it is easier to see the surfaces and to be able to read the products' packaging or shelf edges. Less ice also leads to increased security, since the risk of slipping is significantly reduced.

Easier to pass through
By choosing to put an air curtain in the opening instead of for example PVC strips it is easier for vehicles and goods to pass into and out of the cold room. That means time is saved and simpler logistics. An air curtain is not affected by the passages beneath it. Its air stream remains intact regardless of the number of vehicles passing through.

 Increased service life
An air curtain does not only ensure that the cold room keeps the cold better, which of course provides increased service life of the goods inside. But thanks to reducing ice build-up, cooling equipment, lighting and other things are also in better condition with an increased lifetime. Since refrigeration equipment costs, an air curtain means money saved in the long run.

Reduced need for defrosting
In a normal freezer without self-defrosting function a thick layer of ice will be created when opening the door during use. This happens because warm air sneaks into the freezer every time the door is opened because the air contains moisture that freezes over and over again. In a large freezer room the same thing happens. But this can be prevented by ensuring that minimal amount of hot air will enter the freezer room when it opens and closes. It can save a lot of energy and money since it is often very challenging to defrost a large freezer space with many goods as these must be relocated in the meantime.

Choose the right air curtain
Frico air curtains are manufactured with Thermozone technology which provides the best possible separation with as low air flow as possible (read more about the Thermozone here). We are also sure that the outside of our units match the inside. This means easily placed and well-designed air curtains that are easy to maintain and clean. Thanks to our low airflow and that the air intake is positioned on the top side, our curtains are also some of the quietest on the market, which creates a better working environment.

Now even better
Frico's new air curtain-series PAEC combines EC-motors with Fricos unique fan geometry. This provides an air curtain with the market's lowest operating cost. PAEC3200 is a very energy efficient air curtain and can provide up to 85% less energy consumption over an unprotected and open door. The stepless regulation of airflow allows precise adjustment which makes PAEC3200 a perfect choice in cold storage applications.