Air curtains in big doors – big energy savings

The larger the door and the more frequently it is opened, the greater the energy loss through the door. Therefore, industrial doors and other large openings are particularly vulnerable.

Large energy losses also mean great potential for saving energy. A door opening of 3x3 metres which is open, on average, 1 hour per day, can lose up to 64,800 kWh of energy per year via the door opening. By installing air curtains vertically on each side of the opening, savings of 65% can be achieved, i.e. the loss is reduced to 22,680 kWh/year. In the example we have used an indoor temperature of +20°C with an average outdoor temperature of + 6.6 °C throughout the year. 

It is also important that large industrial doors have free passage for trucks, forklifts and staff. With air curtains installed nothing obstructs the opening - deliveries can take place without any problem.   

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