Warm summer evenings at the lowest possible price

When the sun's heat is not enough, we must help nature along with radiant heaters to enjoy the outside on summer evenings. It is important to make smart choices so you get maximum heat for your money and save the environment.

Is there anything nicer than sitting outside in the spring and summer, whether you’re in a lovely restaurant or on your own patio? Often the warmth is not enough and we have to help nature a bit with radiant heaters. Two common ways to heat are electric and gas infrared heaters.

Why is it economical and energy efficient to choose an infrared electrical radiant heater instead of a gas heater?

Less wasted energy
An electric radiant heater is more energy-efficient as a result of all the heat being focused on heating up the surface, which, in turn, reflects heat back. With a gas heater, some of the energy is used to heat up the surrounding air, and this energy just disappears.

Lower maintenance costs
An electric radiant heater requires minimal maintenance, unlike gas heaters, where the gas supply runs out and must be replaced from time to time. Hoses and valves must also be cleaned regularly to ensure that the apparatus functions properly. This is not necessary with an electric radiant heater.

Carbon dioxide - no thanks
Burning bottled gas gives off carbon dioxide and contributes to the greenhouse effect. You avoid this with an electrically-powered radiant heater.

Lower operation costs
Operating costs are also more favourable with electric radiant heaters. A standard-size gas bottle will generally be sufficient for up to half a day and must then be replaced. This can be compared with energy-efficient electric radiant heaters, which use minimal electricity in proportion to the heat given off. 

The calculation example below shows it costs five times as much to heat with gas compared to electric infrared heater, and this is a generous calculation.

Area: 15 m2
Used 8 hours/day
Used 100 days/year

Infrared heater IHW10 (2 pcs) Gas heater
2 x 1000W Gas bottle 11kg: 20
Electricity rate (European average): 0,2 /kWh Gas consumption: 1kg/h 
Operation cost per hour: 0,4 Operation cost per hour: 1,8
Operation cost per day: 3,2 Operation cost per day: 14,4
Operation cost per year: 320 Operation cost per year: 1440
= 1/5 of the cost compared to using a gas heater