Frico warms audience of wilddogs

Seven African wild dogs who recently moved from a zoo in Sweden are already settling into their new habitat, at the Chester Zoo in northern England.

The habitat is a specially designed enclosure intended to mimic the conditions in their native sub-Saharan African plains.

The enclosure opened its doors in April 2011; the exhibit includes a theatre which is heated by two Frico EZ212 radiant panels. The panels are activated by a PIR sensor to provide heat when required and to save energy if the theatre is unoccupied.  There is also a bridge offering an impressive view of the enclosure and public viewing windows to allow visitors to get a closer look at these impressive animals.

African wild dogs (also known as painted dogs or Cape hunting dogs) are endangered, in part because of the spread of disease from domestic animals. The wild dogs also fall victim to farmers who kill them in an effort to protect their livestock from predators.