Energy efficient heating in Swedish church

Electrical installer Bengt Ohlsson installed 60 Frico 250 watt bench heaters in Ulricehamn’s church. He selected Frico’s programmable regulator EnergiComfort as a control system.

In cultural buildings, such as churches, it is ideal to use bench heaters for heating and to control the heating with an "intelligent" regulator. The heaters, which are installed under the pews, give off a pleasant heat to the seating area, the floor under the pews and the air around the pews. This gives excellent heat comfort in the visible areas of the pews. Because the bench heaters are installed under the pews they are concealed and do not detract from the old architecture.

Gentle on cultural objects
Bengt Ohlsson has divided the church into five zones that are controlled individually depending on the time of day, depending on how many people are in the different sections of the church and, naturally, on the outside temperature. In Ulricehamn church the comfort temperature is retained most weekdays during the daytime. At night, the temperature is allowed to drop automatically to save energy.

Using Frico Bench heaters and EnergiComfort as the control system, the average temperature can be kept relatively low and the humidity can be kept at a relatively high level. This reduces the heating costs and the risk of cracking in old artwork and paintings.

Easy to install
Bengt Ohlsson thinks it is important that the heater is easy to install, because he has to crawl under the pews in order to install the heaters. "I thought that the SH bench heaters were easy to work with, because they were equipped with practical mounting brackets and are light."