An innovative air curtain with a lot of possibilities

Are you tired of air curtains that are hard to install, difficult to adjust to indoor and outdoor temperatures and that also look dull? With easy installation, stylish design and an intelligent control system, the Frico PA series is the optimal solution.

One series – many possibilities

PA stands for Premium Air curtains. The PA series has been developed to create an optimal air barrier, without compromising comfort, design or energy efficiency. The different sizes cover openings from two to four metres in height. The PA series can be adapted to the situation at the entrance and to customer needs using one of the three control package solutions; Basic, Competent and Advanced. Using different accessories, it is easy to mount PA on the wall, suspended from the ceiling or standing vertically - whatever the conditions at the door opening.

Discrete design blends in

The simple and discrete shape of the PA series makes the air curtain suitable for all types of entrance, regardless of appearance. In order to provide an attractive overall installation, Frico offers a design package that conceals mountings, cables and pipe connections. Customers who require a special colour scheme can easily take off the white front and paint it in any shade.

Innovative technology

The PA series is based on Frico’s Thermozone technology, which means that an optimal air barrier is created using the best relationship between air volume and air speed, with an outlet that is designed so that air leaves the unit in the correct direction with minimal turbulence. The PA series uses this technology to protect the opening, to separate the indoor and outdoor climates efficiently, which results in energy savings and good comfort.

Intelligent control system

The SIRe integrated intelligent control system means that the air curtain can adapt itself to the conditions of the entrance, through a number of functions:

Energy saving

●     SIRe regulates the air curtain so that the advantages of Frico’s Thermozone technology can be utilised to their fullest.

●     To save as much energy as possible there is an “eco mode” – where energy savings of up to 35% can be made. The air curtain then uses as little energy as possible without compromising too much on comfort.

●     The integrated calendar function makes it easy to use the correct energy level at the right time

Intelligence for increased comfort

●     PA can “teach itself” the normal events sequence in an entry and adjust operation depending on how often the door is opened or closed or if it left continuously open. The air curtain is always ready to work at full output as soon as the door is opened.

●     SIRe measures changes in the temperature outdoors and adjusts accordingly. PA adjusts itself according to the climate.

●     Operation is also adjusted so that there is no unnecessary shifting between high and low fan speed.

Control via overall control system BMS

●     PA can be controlled via communication with BMS system, either by voltage signal 0-10 V or by controlling all functions and receiving all indications via a Gateway.

Simpler installation and maintenance

Thanks to the PA series’ integrated, intelligent SIRe controls, the air curtains are easy to install. The self test functions check that everything works as it should.

In PAs with water coils there is a filter that prevents dirt from reducing the efficiency of the air curtain.

An external filter, available as an accessory, is attached by magnetic strips and is easy to take off and clean. As the unit does not need to be opened, cleaning the filter can be included in the cleaning schedule for the premises. If a filter monitor is installed it also gives reminders about when to clean the filter.

Why choose PA?

First, PA is based on Frico’s Thermozone technology, which means that your air curtain creates optimal protection, without compromising the comfort, design or energy efficiency. Secondly, PA is designed for adaptation to all types of entrances – if PA is to be visible, it must be attractive. Thirdly, PA is easy to install and excellent at “looking after itself” – once you have selected the package solution and installed your air curtain you no longer have to think about how to manage it in order to maintain a good indoor climate when the door is open - PA does it itself. In short, PA is a complete, innovative air curtain system with a lot of possibilities.

Do you want choosing an air curtain to be easy? Using Frico’s product selection program you can select the product solution that suits your entrance best. Do you want to know more about Frico’s Thermozone technology? Read more here!


Mats Careborg, Technical Manager