Air curtains

Separating different climate zones by an invisible curtain of air gives large energy savings and a comfortable indoor climate. Frico stands for the energy efficient and well designed solutions. 

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Radiant heaters

Radiant heaters heat people, not the surrounding air. The radiated heat "naturally" migrates to where it is most needed, which facilitates the creation of a comfortable indoor climate.

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Fan heaters

Fan heaters provide effective heating at a low cost. Our fan heaters are robust and reliable, have low noise levels and extremely long service lives.

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Convectors provide good heat distribution and the warm air flow directed upwards can be used to counteract cold drafts from the windows.

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The regulation system is the brain of a heating system. Frico offer a wide range of regulators to give the selection options depending on how advanced a solution one is looking for and what environment it is to be used in.

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Product selection guide

The product selection guide helps you to choose the right air curtain and fan heater.

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Product documents

Here you find all our product documents; catalogue pages, product leaflets, drawings, manuals and certificat. 

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