ADCS22A-H Air curtain

Design air curtain for exclusive entrances, with intelligent control

• Horizontal mounting
- Recommended installation height 3 m*
• Vertical mounting
- Recommended installation width 5 m*
(2 units), one on each side

*) Recommended installation height and width varies depending on the relevant premises.

Corinte is intended for exclusive shop entrances and other environments with high demands in respect of design and soundlevel. Mounted with one unit on either side of the opening, thus creating a classic symmetry, the curtain effect and comfort is optimized.The air curtain has many intelligent and energy saving features which provide fully automatic protection for the entrance, adaptable to each area of use.

Corinte is a stylish and exclusive, stainless steel air curtain for horizontal or vertical installation. Corinte is available in two models; ADCS and ACCS that have varying dimensions and performance. The product key offers many options for the design and finish of both models.

Type of installationHorizontal
Type of heatingAmbient, no heat
Max. installation height3000mm
Color casingStainless steel
Color, outlet grillesRAL 9005
Protection classIP20
Ambient working temperature range (dry conditions)-20-30°C
Air flow step 54500m³/h
Air flow step 44000m³/h
Air flow step 33300m³/h
Air flow step 22650m³/h
Air flow step 12100m³/h
Sound power level LWA79dB(A)
Sound level step 563dB(A)
Sound level step 461dB(A)
Sound level step 355dB(A)
Sound level step 250dB(A)
Sound level step 144dB(A)
Control/motor supply230V
Control/motor current, 50Hz5.9A
Control/motor current, 60Hz5.5A
Max fan rpm2000r.p.m.
Motor power 50Hz1330W
Motor power 60Hz1250W
*For conditions, please see catalogue pages
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