PS215A Air curtain Portier

Design air curtain for entrances

• Recommended installation height 2,5 m*
• Horizontal mounting
• Lengths: 1 and 1,5 m

Ambient, no heat
Electrical heat: 3-13,5 kW

Portier is an exclusive air curtain in brushed stainless steel intended for entrance doors in e.g. shops, banks, hotels and restaurants. The elegant design of the air curtain makes it particularly suitable for environments where demands are made on a high standard of design.

Portier has a unique symmetrical design in brushed stainless steel with black grille and ends.

*) Recommended installation height varies depending on the relevant premises.

Type of installationHorizontal
Type of heatingAmbient, no heat
Max. installation height2500mm
Color casingStainless steel
Color, outlet grillesRAL 9005
Protection classIP21
Ambient working temperature range (dry conditions)-20-30°C
Air flow step 22000m³/h
Air flow step 11300m³/h
Sound power level LWA72dB(A)
Sound level step 256dB(A)
Sound level step 146dB(A)
Control/motor supply230V
Control/motor current0.55A
*For conditions, please see catalogue pages
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