ADA Cool A

ADA Cool A

Air curtain for cold stores

• Recommended installation height 2,5 m
• Horizontal mounting 

ADA Cool keeps the cold air in cold stores and also makes it possible to have an open cold store area without doors.The air curtain creates an air barrier that prevents the intrusion of warm air and also insects, exhaust fumes, smoke, dust, etc. The cost of cooling is significantly reduced and the cold air stays where it is needed. ADA Cool reduces ice formation and condensation by the doorway and improves visibility when compared to plastic strips and fast folding doors.

Thanks to compact design and air intake at the front, the air curtain can be mounted where space is limited between the ceiling and the upper edge of the doorway. ADA Cool has a simple connection making it possible to easily link units together in order to cover wide openings. 

*)Recommended installation height varies depending on the relevant premises.

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