SFS30E12 Air curtain 12kW

Design air curtain for revolving doors, with intelligent control

• For revolving doors
• Vertical mounting
• Height: 2,2 m

Electrical heat: 8–23 kW
Water heat WL

The SFS is an air curtain with many clever functions, specially designed for revolving doors. The air curtain is mounted vertically and its curved design integrates neatly with the door. SFS efficiently protects the exposed area just above the floor.
A revolving door prevents continuous drafts but still lets in a certain amount of cold air at every rotation. The air curtain prevents the cold air from penetrating and gives good heating comfort.

The SFS has a curved design that follows the shape of the revolving door and is available in powder-coat painted or stainless steel. The product key offers many options for the design and finish of the air curtain.

Type of installationVertical/Revolving door
Type of heatingElectrical heat
Max. installation height2200mm
Color casingStainless steel
Color, outlet grillesRAL 7046
Protection classIP20
Ambient working temperature range (dry conditions)-20-30°C
Air flow step 53300m³/h
Air flow step 42900m³/h
Air flow step 32400m³/h
Air flow step 21950m³/h
Air flow step 11550m³/h
Sound power level LWA80dB(A)
Sound level step 564dB(A)
Sound level step 461dB(A)
Sound level step 357dB(A)
Sound level step 252dB(A)
Sound level step 145dB(A)
Control/motor supply230V
Control/motor current, 50Hz3.7A
Control/motor current, 60Hz4.1A
Motor power 50Hz830W
Motor power 60Hz920W
Supply voltage heating400V
Electric heating 100%11.7kW
Electric heating 66%7.8kW
Electric heating 33%3.9kW
Current heating 100%16.9A
Current heating 66%11.3A
Current heating 33%5.6A
Temperature rise, maximum heat output, highest airflow11°C
Temperature rise, maximum heat output, lowest airflow23°C
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