SWX is a range of fan heaters suitable for environments with strict demands on materials and safety. Models are available for use in dusty or corrosive  invironments and in rooms with high temperatures.

Fan heater SWX has a robust design,  adapted to the requirements of harsh environments. Supplied with air director with individually adjustable louvres that  direct the air flow on one plane. The front of SWX CS and SWX D can be opened for easy cleaning. SWX CE, SWX H and SWX EX have an inspection hatch with quick release.

Fan heater SWX is available in four versions:

  • SWX CS/CE is intended for corrosive and damp environments, e.g. offshore and chemical  industries.
    SWX CS has a water coil made of  stainless steel and SWX CE has an epoxy coated water coil. Corrosion class C5-M.
  • SWX D has been specially introduced for dusty environments, such as industrial and joinery premises.
  • SWX H is intended for rooms with high temperatures, up to 70°C, such as in the drying and curing industry as well for decontamination.
  • SWX EX is a fan heater specially designed for environments with a temporary explosion risk (Zone 1
    and Zone 2).

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