Fan heater SWH

Fan heater SWH

Intelligent fan heaters with extremely low sound levels, for water connection.

SWH belongs to a new generation of intelligent fan heaters with SIRe integrated controls. SWH and SIRe together can provide fully automatic room heating, adaptable to each area of use. SWH is suitable for use in premises where fan heaters are traditionally used, such as industrial buildings, as well as environments with low sound requirements.

With its extremely low sound level SWH is Frico's quietest fan heater. With the integrated SIRe the fan is automatically controlled as required, which reduces the sound levels even further.

Operation and economy
The SWH fan heater is energy efficient, with the integrated control the fan never uses more energy than is necessary. Eco-mode is available for further energy savings.

The pre-programmed factory settings and calendar function make SWH and SIRe easy to install and use. SWH can be controlled and monitored by the BMS system.

The SWH fan heater has an attractive design in white sheet steel to blend into both industrial and shop environments.

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