Fan heater SWL

Fan heater SWL

Fan heater with low sound level, for water connection


SWL is a fan heater with low sound level intended for water heating. SWL is suitable for industrial premises where fan heaters are traditionally used, but also in environments such as shops and assembly halls. The fan heater can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling.


Fan heater SWL provides a comfortable heating without compromising on the sound level. A low sound level is also an important part of the comfort in many facilities. Operation and economy The fan heater gives high output and provides fast and efficient heat at low cost. Easy installation and maintenance minimizes cost. Dust can be easily cleaned from the coil.


SWL has a compact design and fits well into most environments. The housing is made of white steel panels, but the fan heater can also be ordered uncoated or in other colours than white.

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