Thermoplus EC

Thermoplus EC

Slim radiant heater for protection against cold draughts

Thermoplus is mounted above windows and gives an efficient protection against cold draught. The slim shape also makes it suitable for heating areas with limited space, like for example bathrooms. Thermoplus can furthermore be a cost-effective and flexible alternative to floor heating. 

Thermoplus is covered with white enamel which makes it discreet and schratch-resistant. The slim shape makes it practically invisible when mounted in the celing angle.

Thermoplus is available in three versions:
- Type EC, for dry rooms. Controlled by a separate thermostat or output control. IP20.
- Type ECVT, for wet rooms. With a built-in cord switch and thermostat. IP44.
- Type ECV, for wet rooms. Primarily designed for connection as slave device to ECVT, but can also be controlled separately using the same methods as for EC. IP44.

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