Valve kits

Water heated units must always be supplemented with a valve kit. When heating is not required, the valve restricts the water flow and only a small amount is allowed through so that there is always hot water in the heating coil. This is to be able to provide quick heat supply when a door is opened but also to provide a degree of frost protection. Without valves the unit gives off maximum heat energy as long as the fan is running, which means energy loss.

Select the correct valve kits for units with SIRe
SIRe Basic, SIRe Competent:
- VOS, valve kit on/off
- VOSP, pressure independent valve kit on/off
- VOT, three way control valve and actuator on/off

SIRe Advanced:
- VMO, modulating valve kit
- VMOP, pressure independent and modulating valve kit
- VMT, three way control valve and modulating actuator