IHPA - Infrapalm

IHPA - Infrapalm

An elegant, portable heating solution

Infrapalm is an attractive and practical freestanding heater for terraces and outdoor restaurants and bars where there are no options for mounting heaters. Infrapalm has a modern, ergonomic design which makes it easy to position and use. It includes tip-guard protection and 2 or 3 infrared heaters which produce 100% heat with less than 80% light.

• Equipped with 2 or 3 infrared heaters, with a total heat output of 3000 - 6000 W.
• Halogen lamp with gold infrared tubes, with a life of up to 5000 hours, and polished aluminium reflectors. 
• Ultra low light (80% less than regular halogen infrared heaters).
• High protection class, IP67.
• Table available as an accessory.
• Casing in powder-coated aluminium. Colours: white RAL9010 or black RAL9005

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